Kerry Dedman, Director.
Open Door Training Ltd
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Background Information

Open Door Training was started by Kerry Dedman. She has over 25 years work experience within the world of personnel, business management, teaching and training. 

The twin pillars of the company are activities that help raise self confidence and self esteem and harder edged activities including coaching and mentoring, help with essential skills, job searching etc.  Her past experience ensures that the two distinct aspects of Open Door remain professional and user friendly.  As the name of the Company implies - we open doors and our door is always open.
Since the business began over 4000 people across England and Wales have benefitted from our service. We help people move on in their lives, be it into employment, further training, or even to become more personally fulfilled.

I have been asked many times why Open Door is a firm believer in partnership working - this is a document that I put together that demonstrates why the Company is called Open Door Training - not just for how we support clients but how we support other organisations as well. Download the document in PDF version by clicking here.

seedalogo Click the SEEDA logo for further reading from the SEEDA 40-70 Tomorrow's Workforce Report by Nick Wilson. Open Door Training are included in the report as the only Hampshire provider that covers the South East.
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